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PI7ALK Beacons - PI7ALK
Written by PH0V   

Latest news: Beacon 23 cm now operational from Alkmaar JO22IP, antenna height approx. 35m. On-air from 26-05-2011. Frequency 1296.918 Mhz. Reports are most welcome, please sent to: Hans at PH0V.nl or via beaconspot.eu




Ruud PE1BTV, Hans PA0HSM and myself PH0V are very busy building 6 beacontransmitters and getiing this operational in Alkmaar.

The Dutch agency has submitted 6 licencies for these beacons on the following frequencies:

1296.920 Mhz, 2320.920 Mhz, 3400.920 Mhz, 5760.920 Mhz, 10368.920 Mhz and 24192.920 Mhz. Please check for each individual technical description the separate articles for each beacon. Below some pictures of the first beacon. 

The place of the beacons is JO22IP, antennaheight approx. 35m above streetlevel. Please check the status of the beacons in the separate articles!!!

Frontview of the 19" housing.

The firsth beacontransmitter behind the frontplate is the 13 cm beacon. In the middle above the callsign generator with 6 outputs, one for each beacon. On this picture jus one connected yet.

below pictures of the antennas and the vieuw direction west (towards the UK)

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