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Over PH0V - De shack
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In the shack of PH0V.  An overview.


Almost every piece of equipment of PH0V is in his shack. Almost, a dual band porto and a mobile rig are not present in the shack. The mobile rig is where it suppose to be, in the car. The porto usually is somewhere in the house.

In the years lots of equipment has been collected, bought an solded (also home made stuff), but most of this equipment has been build by myself. I have found this is the most valued parts of the hobby. To give a impression of what has been build over the years since I started to be a HAM, here below per band a description and specific details:

70 cm: solid-state 120W PA with build-in pre amplifier. Below here the modified PA. This semiconductor amplifier is converted from 900 MHz to 432 MHz. For this the input and output couplers has been removed and replaced by a coaxial splitter and combiner. Also the input and output lechers have been modified to cover 70 cm, this by making these longer, using a 1/2 turn coil and another trimmer with some higher capacaty. First I used normal plastic trimmers, but these were blown very fast, now 2 pfte trimmers are used in the output circuit.

This PA is housed together with a switch-mode 28 V power supply and a pre-amp with a MGF 1303 in one alu box. The whole PA consumes about 10 A at 28 Volt.


23 cm, complete transverter from 146 MHz to 1296 MHz + 300W PA, please read the EME article on this site

13 cm, complete transverter from 146 MHz to 2320 MHz, about 50W power output, new transverter finished, separate article on this web-site

9 cm, complete transverter from 146 MHz to 3400 MHz, 15W HF output

6 cm, transverter from 144 MHz to 5760 MHz sutable for mouting in the antennamast, 0,5W output (PA of about 4W in construction)

3 cm, complete transverter, used with a 6W TWT, now 1W solid state PA under construction. Transvertor also suitable as mast head

24 GHz, transverter under construction

ATV 23 cm + 13 cm: testscreen generator, PLL oscillators and audio-video circuits in 1 alu housing, PA's for both bands in a separate box, power on 23 cm 40W, on 13 cm 7W


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